Bare naked lady takes a brisk walk in PJ

2017-03-07  |   Genius Wolf

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PETALING JAYA: A 45-second video of a naked woman taking a walk around the shops near a residential area here is going viral.

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The video making its round on WhatsApp shows a woman walking barefoot, as if she were exercising, beneath the hot sun as children in school uniform and cars pass by.

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A group of men in a car workshop are heard exclaiming "she's crazy" and "she walked a few rounds already" in Cantonese.

A check by The Star Online found that the incident happened around noon last Friday in Jalan SS3/29, Taman Universiti, here.

The woman is believed to be in her 20s.

"She took off her clothes at the back alley and started walking around our workshop naked," said mechanic Ray Leong, 25.

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He said the woman did not appear to be sober and walked two or three times around the workshop.

"Many people tried to help her and we even gave her a blanket to cover herself," he said.

Mechanic Phuah Jia Chia, 40, tried talking to the woman but said he had difficulty understanding what she was saying.

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"She only spoke in Mandarin but it was incoherent. She said she was from Vietnam but I could not really understand her," he said.

Update: Cops confirm nude 'exercising' woman is from Vietnam

"When I asked where she was staying, she initially said Subang Jaya and then later said Shah Alam.

"When I stopped asking her questions, she would start talking to herself," he said.

A customer at the workshop called the police who arrived to take the woman away

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